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David Bowie
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lunedì 2 novembre 2009

Hello Bowie-friend!

MissNewKillerStar and Antheaize on youtube have decided to do a name-list. We're gonna send it to BowieNet. Ofcourse, we don't want to do like you usually do a name-list... Not like: DAVID! COME BACK! Otherwise we hate you!! :@... :p

No, we want to do this just to let David know how much he means to us! And thank him and show him that we are still here for him!

We really hope the one on BowieNet that will read the mail shows David it if we get many names together! I think we all know it's quite pointless to try to write to David alone, but if we all do it together it will maybe work!

If you want David to know you are there for him, you can write your name and if you want a VERY short greeting to him :) Max. 10 words, otherwise it would be too much if everyone write a whole letter as you might understand ;) We (MissNewKillerStar and Antheaize) are gonna write a bit longer letter from all of us with the list too :)

Please send this mail to all Bowie-fans on youtube you know!
And we also want to say we're sorry if you have got this mail twice... or even more times... We can't know if someone has sent it to you before ;)

Send your name and greeting to MissNewKillerStar or Antheaize! (Not to the person you got the mail from, if it wasn't from us ofcourse ;) only to one of us)

Let David know we love him! :D

Frida and Anthea

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